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Artificial Intelligence Narratives

Artificial Intelligence Narratives: A history of Imaginative thinking about intelligent machines from ancient India and its role in narrative building in the emerging world order.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a rudimentary topic. The AI today is a force multiplier being used by those who are in Western Universalism to propagate Western universalism in a bigger way. It amplifies the mind just like some technologies amplifies the physical body e.g. a car amplifies the muscles, it can go faster, can carry more load, etc. In the same way AI amplifies the mind. So whatever type of mind is controlling AI, the AI will adopt that kind of character. So it could be a good mind doing good or a bad mind making harm to society, culture, history, psychology.

Right now the digital giants in social media are American companies and their values are the western universalism of the Global left. So who they will suppress, promote or block, what they considered to be valid or not valid is all ideologically determined by people who are in control of the social media. So at the top there are owners of the social media and at bottom there are machines which are run by different algorithms. If the social media is run by algorithms, these algorithms are run by AI.

In this AI they have trained machines using various methods like deep learning, data mining, Neural networks etc. The view of people who program these machines or the type of bias they are putting into the machine learning is based on whatever ideology is holding it. So Western universalism is winning as a result of AI the way it stands today. Chinese are developing their AI according to their values. At this moment there is no one developing such AI with Vedic universalism. This should be a matter of concern. There should be an AI based on Vedic ideas of Rastra, Vedic ideas of Human rights, Vedic ideas of Purusharth, Vedic ideas of pursuiting that what you are allowed to do. We have to stop being a consumer of AI based social media based on western universalism, we ought to create our own.

The Left mindset people like George Soros are using AI and machine learning with huge data to control the discourse, riots and protest. Through Natural Language Processing they are figuring out what are peoples’ sentiments, which of them want to fight, how to manipulate them, what type of fake news to inject, how to make people angry, all of this done by AI. So using AI some foreign companies are trying to break India, by managing the common people. The recent Republic day riots, shahin bagh protest against CAA and farmers’ bill.

Chinese government has banned such American social media companies to enter in China and they developed their own AI. But India has not yet banned such social media companies. There are few startups who are developing the AI and the machine learning, but it would take years to develop our AI effectively. So the part of this globalization and recolonization is the level of economics and big data. There is also Military part playing a major role in it.

The international power is going to move because china has invested huge amount in AI based drones with the facial recognition feature and they have got several lacs of cameras mounted in Pakistan. Chinese are monitoring every move of the Pakistan generals, looking for the scams made by them, blackmailing them. Chinese are doing the same thing like the Britishers did with Indian Maharajas. Chinese are also developing the Robotic soldiers which are more effective in high altitude because they can withstand cold. A few months back China has deployed 12 driverless submarines in the Indian Ocean. These submarines

are called Gliders since they move very slowly like gliders and can remain under water for several months. These gliders keep surveilling the activities in Indian Ocean, what comes in and goes out, what is the coast line pattern, etc. Gliders send this data to China and then this data is fed to AI algorithms. Now imagine if such machines are mass produced to keep India under constant surveillance. Our Indian security forces are well aware this threat, hence we need to invest highly in AI. Two decades back China had already announced that by 2025 they want to become leading country in AI. To stop China, the USA has suddenly started accelerating huge amount of defense budget for AI. Hence this would be the future of Geopolitics where some countries would be colonizers and others will get colonized. There will be new kinds of weapons and India has to license these technologies and pay huge amount of money.

With AI is the masses are getting Moronized. Using AI the machines are getting smarter and people are getting more dependent on machines or search engines like Google, Siri, Wikipedia etc. People are becoming dumber since their opinion is based on number of likes a particular post or news got. People don’t even realize that the social media can fabricate such fake news. People are losing their free will, their independent thinking, being able to make choices on their own. Indian people are becoming more psychologically and emotionally vulnerable to foreign controlled social media, who are trying to break India on different fronts. In reality Indians are playing defense by outsourcing these platforms. Our Nationalist organizations like RSS, our several influential Gurus and our think tanks should develop AI systems on hacking the Pakistanis, countering Chinese on Tibet, Taiwan, Laos or Cambodia.

AI will create a huge gap between masses, because only highly skilled people could work. Common people should know about the forecast for employment. In India around 1.7 crore youngsters reach to the age for doing the job. But there are not enough jobs for all these youngsters. The AI will create jobs only for the especially skilled people. E.g. in India every year around 50 Lacs people work in internal combustion engine (ICE) field. Today we are already using Electric cars, which would completely replace ICE vehicles. Due to this in future all the small & large scale accessory supplier companies for ICE would shut down. China, on the other hand, is the largest producer of electric batteries and has more advanced Lithium-Ion battery technology and registered patents. USA is at number two. We have to import raw material from China i.e. china will have more jobs.

Our tradition teaches us about ‘Aadhyatma’, i.e. we go inside, beyond your senses, to find ‘Sat-Chit-Anand’. But AI is based on completely material model of biology. AI says the human entire body, its different parts and your emotions are algorithms. And algorithms can be manipulated. So with Augmented reality goggles any human being can get various artificial pleasures. These AI operating companies can charge you some money and the user can live in his desired dream world. For example someone sitting in home can experience sitting in the concert and his favorite musician is playing. Here the notion of self is crumbling and people are getting mechanized or remotely controlled. So instead of ‘Param-anand’ (ultimate pleasure), the people are searching their pleasures in different fake dreams.

Indians are smart people and many Indians are involved in the AI leading positions in Google, NASA, many foreign pharmaceutical companies, and many foreign defense companies in world but not for India. In simple terms, many intelligent Indians are not contributing in ‘Aatma-Nirbhar’ Bharat, but they are working for the rest of the world. In India we are having tremendous deficit of knowledge in this field of programs, projects and funding. Recently India has invested in AI, but that investment is too low and too late. If India does not make radical dramatic changes quickly, the prognosis for India is not good.

What’s the solution to overcome this problem? In Sankhya we have Manas or mind, a whole theory of perception, cognition and memory. The western AI is based on western materialistic model of how mind and intelligence works. But we Indians can take Indian model of Mind and Intelligence and then build systems on that basis, it will be much more effective than western AI. Our problem is, we are just fixated on the past and not taken the knowledge in future. Many great inventions had been made by our Rishis, Aacharyas but we have not patented them or further used them in future. The AI can be very important bridge for our future and we must understand it. Sadly our Sadhus, who know Ved-Shastra, do not know about AI and the Indian people, working for American companies who know about AI, does not know about our Ved-Shastras. They all should work together to develop our Indian AI. Most of NGOs are following old Marxist ideas, hence they are useless and obsolete. The Social scientists should take this responsibility and find AI experts to understand the social science with AI. India has to use her Soft-power of Yog and Ayurved. It is also task of the ICCR (Indian Council of Cultural Relation), External affairs ministry and cultural ministry to make understand the American congress and Senate about India’s soft power and convince the American congress and Senates that a particular bill is against India and they should vote against it. They have to change their policies, voting, political thought, and ideology in favor of India.

Author- Shreekant Kadam is winner of the Article writing competition conducted by Satyawahr on its first anniversary on the topic Artificial Intelligence Narratives.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is sourced from different sources. The opinions, beliefs and views expressed by the author and forum participants on this website are personal and do not reflect the opinions, beliefs and views of SatyaWahr.

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