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Catch the real culprit!!

It has been almost one and half year ago that first patient of Wuhan Virus was identified in Wuhan Province of People's Republic of China (PRC). Whether it is lab grown biological weapon unleashed by PRC or originating in Wet market of China as per the popular theory the world has never been the same like it used to be. The anthropogenic virus which has caused mayhem on humanity has taught us one thing, power which is unaccountable and is absolute in nature and has no spiritual guidance would do no good for humanity or environment. The sufferings, agony, deaths and sorrows that has been inflicted on us must not go unpunished or unaccountable.

Lets go after them who has caused sudden interruption in economic activity leading to rise in poverty and unnatural deaths. I have no idea whether death caused by Chinese Wuhan Virus (Covid 19) should be termed as natural death or unnatural death.

Image Source: Denmark's Jyllands-Posten printed a cartoon of the Chinese flag

I, for one, have no doubt that it is unnatural death. This is not a natural virus, nature did not inflict it on us. Each and every death is therefore murder.

If this is a murder who is responsible then. As I had said earlier, no government in the world can manage or provide any solution of Chinese Wuhan Virus (Covid) especially when it is changing its behavior. This pandemic is man-induced. This virus is weapon, and it has potential of mass killing, which it has caused. Across the world total number of death till date is 3.1 million people that is 31 lakh humans young and old and man and women, has died. Those who are dying are government functionaries too, including vilified MLAs and MPs, dead are those also who are members of administration in any capacity.

A welfare state's main task is to improve the life conditions of its citizen through economic prosperity. Chinese Wuhan Virus (Covid) deprives the government to do its main task is of promoting and distributing economic prosperity to all its citizens.

Chinese Wuhan Virus (Covid) is classical illustration of catch 22, if governments put lock down then poor will die because of loss of jobs and source of income, and they don't people will die because of infection. Soon there will be situation that even lockdown would be ineffective given that Chinese Wuhan Virus (Covid) can stay in Air as aerosols.

China and its government, not the people or society, must be held accountable. Political absolutism will lead to more death and destruction.

Author: Abhishek Mishra

Disclaimer: The information in this article is sourced from different sources. The opinions, beliefs and views expressed by the author and forum participants on this website are personal and do not reflect the opinions, beliefs and views of SatyaWahr

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