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Commemoration of the 31st year of the genocide of Hindus from Jammu and Kashmir (in Berlin)

Hindus around the world commemorated the 31st year of the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus through cross-border Islamic terrorism and through local radicalized population in Kashmir.

The events took place from 1989/1990 onwards when Islamic militants aided and abetted by Pakistan hijacked the state machinery and carried out a ruthless massacre of Hindus living in the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir region. The Hindus in Kashmir often referred to as "Kashmiri Pandits" are the original inhabitants or aborigines of the region for a millennia. They survived centuries of cruel oppression sincerely adhering to their faith in the valley against all odds. From the 14th-century to the present times, the Hindus of Kashmir have been at the literal bleeding edge of Islamic persecution. As a result, over the course of a few centuries, most Kashmiris have been converted out of the Hindu fold by force, intimidation and brutal violence that characterized the better part of Muslim rule in Kashmir. Tyrants and religious fanatics like Sikander Butshikan[1], Ali Shah[2], Shamsuddin Iraqi [ 3]and others not only carried out terrible genocides in the name of religion but also destroyed the centers of Kashmiri spiritual and intellectual life, higher centers of learning – the great temples like the Sun Temple at Martand and countless other shrines that hold an important place in Hinduism.

During the Afghan rule in Kashmir the striking looks of Hindu women became such a burden on their families that their noses had to be cut-off and their heads shaved to protect and save the Hindu girls from the lustful eyes of ruling barbarians[4]. All this created pressure on the an already minority Hindu community to flee from the valley, not once or twice but seven times since the advent of Islam to Kashmir and subsequent Islamic rule during different time periods of history. Of which, 1990 being the final blow when Kashmir was finally ridden of any significant Hindu presence and influence after the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus.

On the fateful day of January 19th 1990, half a million natives (Hindus) were forced to leave the Kashmir valley as loud speakers across the valley blared slogans and declared allegiance to Pakistan openly in broad day light. The Islamic militants from Pakistan occupied the mosques of the region and announced to the Hindus living in the Kashmir region to either convert, leave or die. The Hindus who are already a minority in the state fled their homeland overnight which is referred to as "Exodus of Kashmiri Hindus"

Kashmiri Hindus were not sparred even after their exodus. For example Girija Kumari Tiku was a laboratory assistant at a government high school. She had already left the valley along with other Hindus in early 1990 and was living in a makeshift refugee settlement in the Jammu province. She went back to the valley for a few days to collect her dues from the school, never to return [5]..

On her way to the school, she was kidnapped, gangraped and sodomized, before being cut

into two pieces on a saw mill. She was survived by a four-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter. Professor K.L. Ganjoo and his wife, Mrs. Prana Ganjoo, were kidnapped along with their nephew. After showering bullets on the professor, his dead body was quickly disposed off into the River Jhelum [6]

His nephew was given a choice to jump into the river or watch his aunt’s modesty getting outraged, of which he took the first choice and survived. Mrs. Ganjoo was gangraped, her breasts chopped off before she was killed.

As a result, it was common in the late eighties and early nineties for Hindu men to find their Muslim neighbors and friends-for-decades turning hostile overnight to the extent of shooting them dead or raping their women. Many Kashmiris were forcefully evicted from their own homes and their homes were occupied by the miscreants through the support of local Islamic militia.

Today Kashmiri Hindus were scattered across India and the globe losing their homes for a millennia to religious intolerance, world remained silent under the watchful eyes of United Nations. Hindus formed the majority of India and it is presumed that they cannot be victims of intolerance in their own country. January 19 is regarded as a day that triggered the seventh and final exodus of Hindus from Kashmir triggered by the Islamic extremism fueled and funded by Pakistani military's establishment.

Kashmiris who fled persecution have still not seen justice for the atrocities committed against them; In this regard the members of Kashmiri Pandit community who survived this gruesome ethnic genocide spread all over the world commemorates the genocide of Hindus in Jammu Kashmir. The Hindus in Germany also commemorated the genocide through the protest organized on 19 th January in Berlin's Brandenburger Tor. The press release by the organizers of the protest is as follows.

We Kashmiri Hindus .....

31 years in exile and still a refugee in our own country. More than half a million Kashmiri Hindus have been displaced from their homeland of Kashmir. Thousands have been killed, tortured, women raped by terrorists and jihadists.

This is nothing less than genocide.

In 1990, terrorists in Kashmir gave us three options: Run away, convert or die.

We, half a million Kashmiri Hindus, must be recognized as internally displaced persons under the UN Charter We did not burn public properties or throw stones, always protested peacefully.

Kashmir and India were only Hindus 1200 years ago. We Hindus have never invaded any land but have been subjected to Islamic invasions, genocides and colonization (by the British) for the last 1200 years. Hindus have always adopted other faiths in India, and Hindus are secular by nature.

Minorities (Hindus, Christians and others) were 23% in Pakistan at the time of partition (1947), and now there are less than 2% minorities in Pakistan. On the contrary, in 1947 India had 9% Muslims and now it is 15%.

We Hindus are the most tolerant society in the world but we are being put down, persecuted and damaged / destroyed in our own country in our own country.

We are protesting and fighting for

- Damage and destruction of our cultural and religious places in Indian subcontinent.

- Creation of Hindu phobia by permissive groups

- Murders and forced conversions in India and Pakistan

- We want our great Hindu religious and cultural places in Kashmir and Pakistan occupied Kashmir to be restored

Author: Frederick Gonzalez

Disclaimer Notice: The information in this article is sourced from different sources. The opinions, beliefs and views expressed by the author and forum participants on this website are personal and do not reflect the opinions, beliefs and views of SatyaWahr.

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