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Das Kaleidoscope (Interview with Author Poet Sri Ramana)

New India has bright minds working quietly but steadfastly for a reconstruction of the plural unique society which Bharath is. One of them is noted International Jurist cum -Columnist-Author-Poet, SriRamana ( Pamarty Venkataramana). A multi disciplinary professional and a multi faceted personality, he has been contributing across various spheres of India's growth including healthcare sector, greenfield technologies, research in polymers and alternative energy.

As a respected think-tank of successor governments, innovative solutions and ideas have sprung from this modest world citizen. He has been associated with guiding many bodies of PIOs, NRIs including GOPIO Chapters in UK, USA, Australia and Canada.

On the literary front, his latest Oscar book of short stories published from Europe recently which regales the readers with the significance of Sanatana Dharma even to the Pope himself and other cosmic beings in the chapters transport you to accept mystical dimension as being as earthly as it can be. Here are the excerpts from the Interview -

1. The publication of the Mountbatten Diaries has been stopped by Cabinet Office of U. K. What do you say?

Answer -

The Mountbatten Diaries are the major source for researchers, scholars and historians to understand the sequence of events that led to the partition of great Indian sub-continent. The British Government of that era apparently had an unsavory role to play in that horrible partition. Courts and Diplomatic moves are essential to ensure the Mountbatten Diaries are finally released to the world at large.

2. Bihar Chief Minister ordered eight lakh bureaucrats to take oath against drinking alcohol. Was he right in doing so?

Answer -

An intelligent move from the Chief Minister. History has shown that the problem with forcing prohibition is the enforcement is impossible. The force finds a new way it is noted to make money through bribes from liquor mafia. Also, there is the danger of consuming cheap illegal liquor that can be distilled easily by even illiterate farmers in their backyard. Lisa of revenue by the State is another problem by the political parties vying for electoral victory in coming months.

Mahatma Gandhi preached about prohibition all his life. But the Congress party which was in power never made it their priority. But in this year of health and well-being after the Covid Pandemic there should be a movement to enlighten the people about the harmful effects of alcohol in India. Consumption of Fruit Juices can be advocated as a fashionable and safe habit.

3. Indian Government has repealed Farm laws after a year of protests. Was it right?


Indeed a wise move of the democratic leader of a democratic Party in a democratic country.

When the opposition parties are too weak in the Parliament of a country and cannot discuss or are unwilling to discuss, a peaceful process of a long duration is the right course to bend the Government to listen to the People. There is no obstinancy here. It is the will of the people. So be it. Tatasthu.

A democratic leader is never a despot. He has to take a majority of voters with him even if people are sometimes short sighted or the Government is thinking far ahead in its reforms. Even direct democracy should be listened to by a true democrat. Always act in the best interests of their Nation.

4. Nobel Peace Prize for journalists. Is it right?

Answer -

Nobel Prize for Peace to the two journalists who challenged Putin and Duterte,is a new trend set by the Committee giving the covered prize is definitely going to be a controversial one for various reasons. As was the prize for Obama, another trend for playing politics of racism. One feels that the Committee should be careful in creating new trends. The prizes for Peace are always controversial,compared to ones for Science and Literature. It is not wrong to observe that the prizes are just whims of the Norwegian Nobel Committee,distributing the vast sums accumulated by Alfred Nobel who wished to wipe out the sins of his invention.

5. China builds mock US warships for 'missile target practice'. What is the scenario?

Answer -

China seems to excel in its Psychops. It is determined that nothing will be a guess work. The aircraft carriers are the first to be attacked. But the United States will never be frightened if it is not a sudden attack kept secret, as with what happened in the Japanese invasion at Pearl Harbour. The USA is far more aware of the Chinese intentions now. It is more a war of nerves.

6. It is the fiftieth anniversary of the liberation of Bangladesh from genocide perpetrated by Pakistan. India win this historic war where Pakistani Army surrendered. Any lessons learnt from history?

Answer -

All Indians are very much proud of the valour and successes of our Armed Forces. That was also a lesson in political appeasement being a bad phenomenon,still dogging our land. Then Prime Minister had returned the territory captured by our Army that has proved to be a Himalayan blunder. That tiny land in our backyard has become a launch pad for terrorists. Retaking is on the cards. Balochistan is fighting for it's liberation as well. The scenario is grim. But the supreme sacrifices made by our soldiers inspire and motivate the nation. We want peaceful coexistence as Santana Dharma is our cultural identity.

7. Police reforms in India appears to have gained attention with recent directive to policemen to lose weight after drug gang fled quickly from burly policemen who couldn't catch them. Your views please.

Answer -

Long overdue reforms in the police systems of the country are topped by the physical unfitness among all cadres. It is not only reported abundance of bribes from top to bottom but lethargic attitudes of police constables on the beat or controlling traffic in crowded cities but also among the top brass who lead jolly times in their offices with telephone lines open for their political masters in the establishment. Even collaboration with local magistrates is prevalent in some States. Recent suspension of a top cop is an instance and case study. Even the powerful government of the day seems to be reluctant to touch this hornet's nest of corruption in police forces. Public opinion and judicial intervention can promote the Legislatures to bring in much needed reforms.

8. What about judicial reforms?

Answer - It would be prudent to reintroduce a NJAC Bill in the Parliament taking into consideration the Honourable Supreme Court of India 's observations in the last ruling. Judges being appointed by the judges to higher judiciary is the oft heard criticism. But, who appoints them in the first place? It is the political dispensation.

Several reforms are required on the law front so that loopholes and poor draftsmanship does not result in burgeoning litigation and corruption across the systems.

9. Indian Youth are increasingly embracing western culture. In what ways is it affecting our own unique culture?

Answer - Parental training, teaching at educational institutions and peer pressure based on marketed advertisements on popular channels of mass media are instrumental in pushing traditional values aside. Youth are more dynamic than ever before. However, they need direction by responsible elders. Otherwise, they tend to become like rudderless ships and become prone to evil addictions or distorted way of life.

10. Your works of Literature revolve around Spirituality. Why only this genre?

Answer -

Societal mores have changed drastically from what they were a few decades ago. Spirituality is the basis of our ancient civilization having withstood the vagaries of Time and Nature. With repeated aggressions and assaults on our social fabric, the moghul hordes as well as buccaneers from western hemisphere had relegated our cultural ethos to darkness of ignorance. The post independent generations got accustomed to aping what was foreign. Sanatana Dharma is the most ancient philosophy of life and if inculcated into everyday living, the whole world will stop being at loggerheads. Instead,peaceful co existence and harmonious life would make Earth a happy Planet to live again.

This is but a small effort and an eye-opener exercise. More a call for the good conscience to come into play.

11. What is your idea of Nationalism?

Answer -

Pure loyalty to the motherland wherever you go and whichever vocation you take up. It need not be worn on your sleeve but every action of yours must pose the question first -' whether my action is going to benefit the best interests of my country or be harmful to society as a whole '. It is a good practice to stand up in attention and salute the national flag whenever the national anthem is being played and wish the soldier at the airport Jai Hind after he clears your baggage,for example. Only a patriot can expect to be deriving benefits of a free society.

Disclaimer Notice: The information in this article is sourced from different sources. The opinions, beliefs and views expressed by the author and forum participants on this website are personal and do not reflect the opinions, beliefs and views of SatyaWahr.

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