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The Power of Bhakti

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

At the highest level of yoga (religion), the soul realizes that its eternal, natural fulfillment is to serve God with pure love and devotion (bhakti). Bhakti is the goal of all yoga processes. Among many Indians, bhakti is something very normal. People grow up with closeness and devotion to the Divine.

Today my Sanskrit teacher Shalini told me that she was never afraid for anything. Already from small and also not around her children: " Deva pasyati " (God has everything in the overview, looks). Even when the children moved alone to the big city: " Deva pasyati ", or now that their son is alone in America: " Deva pasyati ".

Belief in something seems to consolidate the person, and the bhakti also brings softness at the same time. Every morning, people here in Mattur( Mattur is a village in Shimoga district near the city of Shivamogga in Karnataka state, India ) do ceremonies to worship the divine. For this purpose, people get up early, flowers are picked, sometimes tied as garlands, the altar is cleaned and the divine idol is washed, dressed, decorated, sung to and illuminated with oil lamps. There are countless gestures, gestures of devotion, of love.

Every gesture, every feeling, every experience leaves traces in us, in our cells. The body stores everything and these countless memories shape our mind and our being. An Ayurvedic doctor explained to me that the coexistence of our cells depends, for example, on our feelings. So our cells move away from each other when we feel hatred, and when we feel love, our cells are close together and consequently work better together.

When Shalini said to me today, "Deva pasyati," I was deeply touched by her sparkling eyes and radiant face. This unshakable trust and deep love could be read in her face, so to speak.

Author: Manuela Böhme

Disclaimer: The information in this article is sourced from different sources. The opinions, beliefs and views expressed by the author and forum participants on this website are personal and do not reflect the opinions, beliefs and views of SatyaWahr.

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Very nice. World 's No one religion chalange the bhagawat geeta.

भारतस्य द्वे प्रतिष्ठे संस्कृतः संस्कृतिश्च तथा।

जयतु संस्कृतम्।

पी आर जाटः

संस्कृत शिक्षकः ।

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