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Unleashing myself through the Yoga: Journey of a German.

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

For several years I have been accompanying people in India who are seeking healing through Ayurveda or who want to restore or maintain a balance. In this context, I met the patient Christiane in 2015 during my work in one of the clinics. She did not know English and so I started to support and accompany her in her treatment. After several weeks of Ayurvedic treatment, I suggested Christiane to take the medicines of a monk for follow-up treatment. This monk is well known in Kerala for healing cancer patients, and the Ayurvedic medicines from his house are particularly powerful.

At the end of her treatment, we went to said monk. After a consultation, he issued us a prescription for 6 months. In order to receive the medication, we were supposed to go to the hospital he runs. It was like you often experience in India: nobody felt responsible. We were standing in this big waiting room where there were only a few metal chairs. We were told that someone would come immediately. You often hear this statement in India, and then hours go by. While waiting, I watched the people coming and going. One man caught my eye, he seemed fresh and awake, he came with two or three people. We waited and waited. I asked in between from time to time, until one finally accepted the prescription. And again we were told: "It's about to start". In the meantime we were getting tired, especially for Christiane it was exhausting, because she was fresh out of the treatment and afterwards one needs a lot of rest and should avoid exertion. Lunch time was almost over. Suddenly, the young man and his companions came around the corner and approached me. I briefly explained the situation to him. However, he seemed to have understood beforehand. Without thinking, he took the matter in hand. Shortly afterwards, we were taken to the canteen, where we were served lunch. Freshly fortified, we were then taken to the counter where the medications were put together and handed out. While Christiane was standing at the counter, I got into conversation with Krishna, our helper. He had just come from Europe, where he had given yoga classes, and told me about his trip. He also told me about the small village of Alathur where he lives. There, on his property, he has created a meeting place for the residents of the village and the surrounding area. Many come here daily for morning yoga to "Bodhi", as the place is called. The first ones already appear between 4 and 5 o'clock. He also receives other guests, for example from Europe. I was quite excited, as I had been looking for someone to introduce me to yoga a little more for a long time. . We exchanged our phone numbers. An unspoken date was in the room. This is where our friendship and journey began. I spent some time with him and also often sent people to him after an Ayurvedic cure. Krishna and his wife live in harmony with nature, everyone can experience a piece of authentic India there.

For the first International Yoga Day 2015 we were in Palakkad. Krishna was invited by an organization to practice yoga with 700 students in a stadium The participants were between 15 and 20 years old. The yoga ananas performed there were a recommendation from the AYUSH Ministry (Ministry of Yoga and Ayurveda, started by P.M. Narenda Modi).

Another important stage in our journey together was a meeting in Kashi, also known as Varanasi. Krishna had organized a peace pilgrimage to some important pilgrimage places in India for 23 people who regularly come to the meeting place, Varanasi is a very important place for all Hindus. At that time I was studying there and knew the city like the back of my hand. This allowed the group to immediately immerse themselves in the mystery of this holy city.

Because of the ongoing lockdown, Krishna offered an online course for the villagers. So we had the idea to offer the same for interested people in Europe. We are creating a platform where people can easily access yoga. There is a beginner's course, which then builds up over three levels. This way, everyone can glide into yoga very gently. Krishna leads the course in English and at the same time there is a German and French translation. So we build a bridge from Kerala to Europe, Krishna with his place Bodhi Alathur and I with my association Ayur Sattvic. For this year's International Yoga Day we are starting another online course, Level 2. This will be broadcast in a live-stream in Facebook. Everyone is invited to join!

Autor: Manuela Böhme

Disclaimer: The information in this article is sourced from different sources. The opinions, beliefs and views expressed by the author and forum participants on this website are personal and do not reflect the opinions, beliefs and views of SatyaWahr.

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Shubham Sagar
Shubham Sagar
30 giu 2021

Great story... 😀😀

I met Krishna when I was 20 years old. I had spent 25 days with him in Bodhi. It was a very wonderful and learning experience for me. Something I can always remember and be happy about. I think people like Krishna are providing us an environment which is very close to nature and which teaches how to make the best out of what we have...👍👍

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